Laser treatment for discolouration, sun damage and pigmentation

Laser treatment is extremely effective in removing uneven pigmentation including sun damage and age spots.

Laser treatment is extremely effective in removing spots or areas of uneven pigmentation (discolouration), including sun damage and age spots, whether superficial or deeper within the skin.

Our Cynosure laser selectively targets the pigmented skin, while sparing the surrounding areas. Some patients report a difference, or that the pigmentation has gone, after as little as one session.

The result is clearer, more even-toned and younger-looking skin, which can make a dramatic difference to your overall appearance as well as your self-confidence.

Our laser practitioners

Our staff are highly skilled, fully trained and collectively have over 20 years’ experience of providing safe and effective laser treatments. You can be sure that you are in safe hands and that you’ll be happy with the results of your laser treatment. Click here to read more about our laser practitioners.

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Treatment at a glance

For best results
Usually minimum 3 - 6 treatments
Return back to work
Immediately (minimal downtime)
Anaesthetic needed
Test patch required
Yes (scheduled at your consultation)
Procedure time
10 - 45 minutes
Duration of results
Risks or complications
Minimal risk

Results depend on maintenance needed, as each patient responds differently to the treatment and the skincare products we recommend for use at home.

Prices from as little as £165

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Your questions answered

Do I need a test patch before my treatment?


Before you have any laser treatment, you will need to have a full consultation to assess your skin type and suitability.

You will also need to have a test patch to make sure you respond in the correct way to the procedure.

In the consultation, we will discuss your expectations of the treatment and assess the pigmentation to make sure this is the correct procedure for you.

Does the treatment hurt?

During the treatment you can feel some sensation on your skin when the laser is fired at the pigmentation, but this is not normally painful.

The Cynosure we use has a cool air glide that gently blows over the skin, helping to manage the heat effect from the laser. Some patients say they like the sensation.

We aim to make the treatments as comfortable as possible. We will use your test patch to help find the optimum level that will deliver the desired results with the minimum discomfort.

How soon will I see results?

Some patients respond more quickly than others, for example in as few as 1 to 3 treatments. The amount you need depends on the type of pigmentation you have and how deep it is.

We will discuss with you the number of sessions that may be needed during your consultation and when your skin is assessed.

How will my skin be after the procedure?

Sometimes the pigmentation goes darker. This is a good sign that the laser is bringing the pigment out of the skin. This may last for up to 14 days but for treatments on the face, you can use our medical-grade mineral make up that covers and protects your skin, and helps speed up recovery.

Some patients just notice that each time they have the laser treatment, their pigmentation simply fades.

But for some patients, the pigmentation forms a crust and falls off: this is also normal and nothing to worry about. But it's important that you don't to pick off the crust or scabbing, as you may scar your skin.

It is best to simply allow your skin to heal naturally, aiding recovery by using our post-procedure balm.

Before and After

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