Broken or thread veins

Unsightly, thread-like veins appearing on your face?
Are they increasing in number and size?
Is it getting more and more difficult to cover them up?

Click here for help with broken or thread veins

Acne/scarring, oily skin and blocked pores

Do you have oily skin on your nose, forehead, and chin?
Are you having trouble clearing your skin of blocked pores or breakouts?
Do you feel self-conscious about acne scars on your face?

Click here for help with acne, oily skin and blocked pores

Excess facial hair

Need a permanent solution for excess facial hair?
Fed up with the constant round of waxing or threading appointments?
Getting irritated, inflamed skin from shaving, plucking or bleaching?

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Skin discolouration, sun damage and pigmentation

Would you love to have more even-toned skin?
Do you have irregular dark patches of skin due to pigmentation?
Is sun-damaged skin making you look older than you really are?

Click here for help with discoloured, sun damaged and pigmented skin

Ingrown hairs

Getting spots or marks on your face from ingrown hairs?
Are they sore, and the marks making you feel self-conscious?
Struggling to cover the area with make up before you leave the house?

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Lines, wrinkles and ageing skin

Do you feel like your skin is ageing, and losing its firmness?
Are you losing volume to your face and lips?
Are you noticing fine lines and wrinkles quietly creeping up on you?

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Redness or rosacea

Is the skin on your face sometimes unusually red and sensitive, or as if you are blushing, but with no obvious cause?
Do certain foods, or cold weather, make it worse?

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Tired eyes

Do your eyes constantly look tired?
Do you have permanent eye bags and dark circles?
Have you noticed more wrinkles or sagging around the eye area?

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